Hera Continuous Ring with Gemstones 3/8"


Like Hera,   the queen of the ancient Greek gods, this piece is regal. It features nine 1mm round cut gemstones embedded onto the front edge. This is a stunning piece to feature on a curated ear, helix, lobe and facial piercings.    

Gemstones: 9x1mm round cut gemstones

Overall size: 12.5mm tall x 12.5mm wide

Inner Diameter: 3/8" with 16g (1.2mm) or 18g (1.0mm).

Gemstone and Solid 14k Gold options available as listed.

Perfect for a septum, daith and curated ear.

Custom orders available by request.

Made locally in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

To maintain the circular shape of the ring, we advise to gently open the ring to the side rather than pull apart.

This variant is currently sold out