These materials are extremely delicate and are prone to breakage if not handled delicately.  We recommend gentle application of Jojoba oil to wood and horn pieces in order to keep them moisturized and clean to extend their life.  Bone jewelry however should only be cleaned with a soft cotton or paper cloth in order to keep the bone from discoloring or staining.

Solid 14k Gold

We recommend using a professional grade and rated cleaning solution for our Solid 14k Gold pieces - particularly those with gemstones. A jewelry cloth can also be used to bring back brilliance to pieces that have been worn frequently.  We strongly advise that our 14k Gold Continuous Rings be installed by a professional piercer, these pieces are considered permanent jewelry and are not meant to be removed. Please note that warping, breakage or gems falling out may occur from improper or frequent removal and will not be covered by our return policy.

Plated Jewelry
Plated jewelry will naturally fade over time due to friction against against the skin, especially in "high traffic" areas such as the nose (septum clickers) or ear lobes (eyelets).  We highly recommend not sleeping, washing or exercising with our plated jewelry to extend the lifespan of the plating. You can keep your plated jewelry clean with a soft cloth or dip that is rated for plated jewelry.

Brass/Metal (non plated)
Brass and Metal (white brass) jewelry may develop a patina over time and slightly darken.  A jewelry polishing cloth or dip may be used to clean up the jewelry and bring back it's original brilliance.

Sterling Silver (non plated & plated)
Sterling Silver tarnishes naturally. The rate of tarnishing can then vary from person to person based on exposure to moisture, oils, sweat or facial products. We recommend not sleeping, washing or exercising with our Sterling Silver jewelry. To prevent/remove tarnishing you may use a jewelry polishing cloth or dip rated for Sterling Silver jewelry or plated jewelry.


Products we use:
Cape Cod metal polishing cloths
Sterling silver, solid gold, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, aluminum, stainless steel.

Brilliant Jewelry Cleaner Solution
Great for fine jewelry and 3D designs.

Brilliant Silver Jewelry Cleaner
Great for all types of silver or silver plated jewelry.

Jewelry polishing cloths 
Gentle enough for silver, solid gold, plated, brass, metal.

Magic polishing cloth
Stronger cloth for brass and metal, non plated.

Optima jewelry polishing cloth 
Perfect and gentle enough for plated gold and rose gold.

Baking soda DIY silver cleaner solution 

Ketchup DIY cleaner for brass and copper (non plated)

Blue Magic metal polish cream 
Stronger cream for copper, brass, solid gold, sterling silver, stainless steel.