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FIRST THINGS FIRST: Yes, ALL of our earrings are sold as PAIRS. As in, when you order quantity 1 (earrings), you're getting a pair, 2 pieces. One for each ear.


Q. Why can't I add items to my shopping bag?
A. Your web browser probably has "cookies" disabled. What's a cookie you ask? It's a delicious treat, but it's also a small file stored on your computer that keeps track of what you're doing on our web site. This file allows us to "remember" what's in your shopping bag. Some people are worried that cookies can be used for profiling or even planting viruses. Tawapa does not subscribe to either of these practices.  
Q. What is your return policy?

Good of you to ask (a copy of this policy is also included in every order):

Jewelry may be returned for store credit or a refund (minus shipping) if they are still in their original, sealed bags.

Before you remove your new goods from the sealed bag, please examine the jewelry carefully.
Once the seal is broken, only damaged or defective jewelry can be exchanged.

Damaged jewelry is:
poorly sized
cracked or warped
chipped or broken
mismatched pairs in color or overall size

You can return or exchange all damaged and unopened jewelry if you contact us within 15 days of receipt of your order.

For more information, please feel free to email

*Hand Carved Jewelry can vary in size. Allow for up to 1/2mm difference in sizes up to 12.5, and 1mm difference in sizes 14mm or larger.

Q. What countries does your online store serve?
A. Tawapa sells to over 200 countries and approximately one planet.  
Q. What payment types do you accept?
A. We accept payment by Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. No Cash on Delivery (COD) or alternate payment methods are available.  
Q. What are your shipping options, policies, and prices?

We ship all of our website orders USPS First Class. If you need your order sooner, please call us at 213-765-8921 or email us at


Q. Is your shopping cart secure?
A. Absolutely. Our site uses iframes to embed SSL encrypted pages. Some older browsers may not recognize that pages are encrypted. But your information is SSL encrypted when you view your cart, check out, register, login, or look at your account information.  
Q. What happens after I place my order?
A. Upon placing your order you will receive an e-mail confirmation. One of our Tawapan pirates,reviews your order to make sure your information is correct and that all the items you've requested are available for immediate shipment. Our shipping captain double checks the order then packs your items and ships them. Your credit card is charged only when your order ships. You are charged only for the items that have been shipped. If an item is backordered you will be charged only when the backordered item is ready to ship (after your approval). If we have to send you multiple shipments, you pay only one shipping charge, if you choose to add to you order, we will still not charge you. A second e-mail confirmation is sent when your order has been shipped.  
Q. Why am I not receiving any e-mail confirmations?
A. Please check your "spam" filter settings. By rejecting unwanted junk e-mail, you may be inadvertently blocking our messages. Some web-based e-mail (such as Google, Yahoo or Hotmail) may block e-mail from unknown senders; you may need to deactivate these settings or check your "junk mail" folder. When you get an e-mail from Tawapa, we suggest you choose to "allow sender". This will permit future e-mail from Tawapa to reach you without further problems.  
Q. What happens if an item is backordered?
A. Tawapa does everything possible to ensure that all our styles, sizes, materials, and colors are in-stock and ready-to-ship. However, sometimes demand outpaces supply and we fall short. In these rare circumstances we will notify you by e-mail that an item in your order is backordered. We will contact you to confirm that you still would like the backordered item once it item becomes available, and we will then ship it to you. No money transactions are made until the order is ready to ship. Since we are also the factory, we make sure that backordered items are promptly replenished. Typically, the delay will be no more than 8 weeks, however it can be longer depending on availability.  
Q. How can I ask a question about ordering?
A. If you don't find an answer to your question here, then please use our Contact Form. Our tawapan pirates will get you a swift reply with helpful answers.  
Q. Should I stretch with my Tawapa jewelry?
A. No! No! No! Although many people have been known to stretch their ears with Tawapa jewelry, none of what we offer is intended for stretching or new piercings. Organic materials can be porous and will irritate torn skin. Please use caution when inserting. Go to your local piercing shop to help you! We suggest jojoba oil as lubricant and/or a hot shower to loosen your earlobes for double flares. Please be sure you know your correct size. We are not responsible for any tearing-- even micro-tears! Please read below if you have torn. Our jewelry is intended for completely healed piercings only.   
Q. Am I guaranteed a pair of jewelry that measures exactly to the gauge?
A. No, our jewelry is hand carved with the utmost attention to detail, though from time to time, the two pieces within a pair may measure up to one millimeter differently. Unlike the machine, the human hand is not always fool proof, though it has a soul and a brain and does the best it can. Also, we offer jewelry sized according to millimeters, not gauges or inches. We are providing our customers with a conversion chart, but sizes may differ minutely according to what you are used to. You can expect that you will receive a pair of jewelry (including each individual piece within the pair) that is within 1/2 mm of its supposed size if it is 12.5 mm and smaller and within 1 mm of its supposed size if it is 14 mm and larger.  
Q. How do I take care of organic jewelry?
A. The convergence of sun exposure, water, or humidity, with any of our jewelry is a bad ideA. Sun exposure and dampness can cause cracks, breaks, and warping. If you would like to shine up any of the horn, bone, and wood, jojoba oil works great. Because they were once living organisms that were watered and fed, drying out of jewelry made from these materials does occur. A miniscule dab on a toothbrush or sponge will go a long way. For silver and gold, polishing cloths specific to each material are available, and we recommend them. Metals naturally tarnish over time, so don't be alarmed when you notice this; a quick swipe with the cloth is all you need. Be gentle when polishing gold-plated jewelry, a rigorous polish will fade the gold as it is rubbed off.  
Q. Can I sleep in my stylin' Tawapan jewelry?
A. No. Sleeping in jewelry can only compromise its strength and structure, so don't do it. Nor do we recommend a roll in the hay while wearing our goods.  
Q. Why did my jewelry darken as I wore it?
A. As the earth turns the clock forward, like the hairs on your head, colors may gradually change. The natural oils from your skin and hair, direct sunlight, and the simple elements in the air we breathe are accountable for this phenomenon. Some darken, some lighten, some keep content with just how they are. It's a fact of life.  
Q. Can people have allergies to Tawapa jewelry?
A. Yes, people can be allergic to almost anything. Don't wear a specific material if you know that you are allergic to it. If you show sensitivities to metals, perhaps sliver and gold plate is not recommended. If you have sensitive skin, Bloodwood and black o-rings may cause irritation as well. Silicone o-rings are an alternative. If you should develop an allergy to something you didn't previously know that you had, simply remove the jewelry. Soaking the ear in sea salt and warm water is a commonly recommended therapy, and wearing a non-porous material in the ear or nothing at all is best.  
Q. What do I do if I tear?
A. Simply remove the jewelry. Soak the ear in warm water mixed with a dash of sea salt. If you want to avoid your earlobe size from shrinking down, insert body jewelry that is non-porous, light and comfortable in the ear.  
Q. Who is Tawapa?
A. Tawapa consists of the lady holding the umbrella: Phoebe Minona Durland, and her dutiful magic makers: Jenella, Cyndi, Marybelle, and Margarita. Our baby sister company is the Five and Diamond, the jaw dropping San Francisco boutique, slowly changing our city's penchant for fashion one window shopper at a time ( Some of you may also remember Wildcard, our leather line. Wildcard is still available, but only for wholesale special order. Please call or email us if you are interested in Wildcard.  
Q. Are ya'll on Facebook?
A. Why yes! We are! Right here.  
Q. How can I ask a question about your company?
A. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please use or Contact Form. One of our Tawapan pirates will get you a swift reply with helpful answers.  


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